The beautiful plot of this eco resort is located on a small archipelago of the Philippines. The site located on a remote hillside with phenomenal views of the Phillipine Sea. 

The client was looking for an exciting yet economical design which could be implemented utilising local materials and craftsmen. 

As the spa resort was focused around spiritual well being, the genius loci and context became an important factor to govern the atmosphere of the site and interventions which could enhance the spirituality and experience of the space became paramount. 

The concept came from the Phillipino pangolin which lives in the native forest and grassland.  The intricate shell of the pangolin became an organic design driver for the individual detached bedrooms suites.  These shells sit atop locally built sustainable bamboo structures and reflect the topography of the site which builds up to a peak where the main clubhouse is located. 

A key client requirement was for every suite to contain a sea view which was ensured through accurate 3d modelling of the site.