This existing 45m superyacht was tired and dated with a convoluted layout where internal and external spaces did not flow logically, as well as a lack of physical and visual connections between decks.

The proposal sought to reshape the hull of the boat to create a more fluid, dynamic and contemporary form.  A rear extension to the decks elongated the external spaces over two levels, with the addition of extra accommodation on the top deck. A rear infinity pool allows for a strong connection between the main master bedroom deck and levels below, to create an exciting social space.  

The existing stair locations have been remodelled to create symmetrical dramatic double circulation spaces on either side of the boat which elegantly wrap up all levels and allow for uninterrupted views of the ocean from the internal spaces and decks. 

The interior design package focused the proposal on a simple, clean and minimal Scandanavian style fit out, with all the focus on the views of the oceans beyond.