The first vineyard to be designed at DFA and what is even more exciting is the fact that the vineyard is based in Yorkshire!

The brief was to create a cost effective structure which could operate functionally to provide the space to turn grapes into wine under one roof.  

The complexities of the brief were to create a two phased programme that allowed for the structure to be transformed over time to include tasting and function rooms capable of housing weddings and other large events. 

The structure was located in the corner of the plot to maximise the views of the vines, with the key concept being the linearity of the vines within the landscape providing a key feature within the building and cladding itself.  

The design response created a simple and cheap agricultural shed and focussing on the key details to create a beautiful building. Crafted details such as recessed gutters and deep window reveals with simple steel profiled cladding allowed the building to be elevated into something special whilst staying within the client's budget.