Located on a listed estate within the greenbelt, this walled garden was the definition of ‘genius loci’. Previously the brick walled garden was heated to facilitate the growth of apples along the wall.  The site also has had a controversial planning history and navigation and sensitivity towards the process was something which required a serious amount of thought. 

The brief was to provide a contemporary home which would engage with the woodland and walled garden simultaneously, whilst avoiding any detrimental impact to the current atmosphere of the space. 
The idea was to create a courtyard house that could engage and take advantage of the views over the walled garden without actually touching the wall itself. The result is a sheltered internal looking courtyard space, which can be fully appreciated as one climbs internally towards the floating cantilever over the top of the wall itself, offering splendid views out over the listed estate.

Material selection focuses on context, a locally sourced timber base allows the simple glazed box to delicately appear as if floating above.  The highly mirror polished glass allows for the reflection of the forest and thus mitigating the feeling of a building being present, whilst also offering privacy to the occupants inside.